Aron Clarkson, StarOne Group, Spain

I must say you guys really make good jobs of your articles. I’ve had many done in my lifetime and you really are the best by far – and I really mean that, it is not just lip service! Your magazine is presented in such a good way. Congratulations, as I know how much work it takes to bring something up to that standard. I really love the online magazine, too. It’s just like a printed magazine where you turn the pages! That’s really neat! Many thanks, the article looks great and very professional. Really appreciated...

Basil van Rooyen, Australia

Congratulations on the brilliant and patriotic concept you’ve adopted to KEEP THE FLAG FLYING after the 2010 World Cup. I hope it gathers traction everywhere. I am copying this to some SA friends both in SA and ex-pats – the former for action where feasible and the latter for awareness. Any and every effort to keep the momentum of South Africa's moment in the sun is to be applauded. It is an opportunity to be grabbed with both hands by all, and especially by those in power, to consolidate the connectedness between all South Africans.

Maarten Schurer, South Africa

The print copy of the magazine and the IPSA 40th anniversary profile arrived just in time for me to take them overseas with me. What a wonderful memento to keep! Congratulations to all of you at PACKAGiNG & Print Media for this outstanding issue!


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