Hold it together with Lock n’ Pop

Lock n’ Pop, an adhesive-based palletising solution, has been around for almost four decades. Its advent occurred in the 1970s when the concept of palletisation started to gain popularity.

With insufficient COF (coefficient of friction) to hold palletised loads together, the idea of bonding pack surfaces together to prevent movement was starting to catch on. But standard adhesives were problematic, resulting in torn packs or unsightly residue. It was at this point that Lock n’ Pop entered the arena with an innovative solution. Using the concept of high shear and low tensile strength, the ability to break bonds without disrupting the packaging surface became the central core of the company’s product development.

Moving forward to the turn of the century, and the dawn of an era where ‘sustainability’ became the packaging mantra, growing demand for ‘green’ palletising systems has set the company on a major growth path.

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Attention-grabbing tea caddy carton

As one of South Africa’s leading FMCG companies, Entyce Beverages (formed as a result of the AVI group’s 2006 restructure) enjoys a market-leading position in many beverage categories.

With a continuous focus on internationally-recognised standards throughout the supply chain, Entyce manufactures, markets, sells and distributes high-quality, affordable brands on the home market and abroad.

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Confectionery packaging: low-cost, eco-friendly persuasion

At interpack 2014, over 1 000 of the 2 700 exhibitors have named the confectionery industry as the target group for their products and services.

As energy and raw materials become more expensive, and consumers want to do more for the environment, confectionery and snack manufacturers are forced to make adjustments: products have to stand out from the crowd without extravagant packaging that drives up costs. However, help is at hand from packaging suppliers and machinery manufacturers, who offer material-saving solutions and increasingly efficient production lines – many of which are on show at interpack.

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