K2013 beyond expectations

The plastics industry is alive with innovation, as was underlined at K2013, which throbbed with positive energy. Susi Moore and Karen Stretch were in Düsseldorf and filed this first-hand report.

IT was with high expectations that exhibitors and visitors came to Düsseldorf for K2013, the world’s biggest international trade fair for plastics and rubber, and they weren’t disappointed.

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Spearheading innovation in label design

Recognising that today’s consumer requires interactivity and connectivity – the brand must communicate – Spear creates labels that engage consumers through innovative design and functionality. Dubbed the ‘ToyBox’, Spear offers a treasure chest full of exciting innovations, everything from holographic materials to talking labels.     

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The aluminium advantage

In mid-2013, Nampak Bevcan commissioned South Africa’s first aluminium beverage can production line at its Springs (Johannesburg) plant.

‘The decision to move to aluminium-bodied cans was a natural progression, with inherent advantages for the economy, the beverage industry, the environment and consumers,’ states Nampak Bevcan MD, Erik Smuts.

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Perfect packaging for preservation

Addressing demand for fresh produce packaging that prolongs shelf-life and brand integrity is all in a day’s work at Durban-based Packaging World.     

MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) and CAP (Controlled Atmosphere Packaging) define two broad categories. The former is used for barrier packaging products such as meat, cheese, snack food and bread, where a product is enclosed within a barrier package and the atmosphere modified, either by drawing a vacuum or filling it with a gas. CAP refers to the addition or removal of gases to maintain a desired balance. Gas packaging allows meat to bloom, extends shelf life, prevents soft produce from being crushed, and retains moisture.    

In South Africa, MAP is in constant demand for a myriad fresh products destined for local and export markets. One converter that’s emerging as a specialist in this sector is Durban-based Packaging World, headed by Dean Gianni.     

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On-trend cereal packaging

Blackie and Associates has created functional and fashionable new-look packaging for two of South Africa’s popular cereal brands.     

Originating in Europe, the global trend is towards simple, clean and clear FMCG packaging, with colour, design and material structure playing a huge role in ensuring on-shelf appeal.     

Acquiring the services of a specialist packaging company to interpret exciting ideas and turn them into practical containers is imperative, so when two leading brand owners were looking for up-to-the-minute packaging for their respective cereal brands they turned to Blackie and Associates to deliver the goods.     

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