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News, hot-off-the-press, is that Pouch Dynamics is upping the ante with the installation of its latest import – a specialised multi-format pouchmaker, reported to be the first of its kind in South Africa. EMMA ROWBERRY discusses the machine’s capabilities with Pouch Dynamics’ founder, HEINZ POSPECH.

NOW, well into its second decade of operation, Pouch Dynamics, led by Heinz Pospech and Cliff Augustyn, is making great strides to stand up and be counted in the ever-burgeoning pouch market.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing for Pouch Dynamics, and 2009 was particularly tough, but the business has recovered well and is steadily growing with consumer demand for pouches to be recloseable, particularly larger bags as the zipper eliminates the need for decanting and keeps the contents fresh. ‘We’re undoubtedly the country’s largest user of zippers for these applications,’ Heinz proudly proclaims (PPM May 10, p63).

As the business has evolved, Pouch Dynamics has become a well-established manufacturer of top-quality bags and pouches for either large or small runs and the company differentiates itself as a supplier of standing pouches – a sector where Heinz and his team have seen a major increase in demand. A focus on customer requirements and a flexible approach has stood the company in good stead and reflects a large list of both local and export customers.

With a steadily growing order book it was inevitable that the need for space would also grow and it wasn’t surprising to see building work underway to expand the factory’s footprint by 200m2.
Now, to meet this increasing demand, Pouch Dynamics has imported and commissioned a specialised multi-format pouchmaker. ‘We’re the largest supplier of laminated pouches in Africa and
this new machine will boost production to in excess of seven-million pouches/month,’ Heinz declares.

This new machine, a first for South Africa according to Heinz, brings to six the number of pouch making lines at this factory in Capricorn Park in Cape Town. Offering some impressive capabilities this versatile machine will increase output by 25% as it produces two and three-side seal, multiple-compartment pouches; twin-lane stand-up pouches with or without zippers; side-gusseted bags with quad-seal, centre-seal fin, offset-seal fin and lap seals – again with or without zipper.
Some of the features that made this pouchmaker an attractive option for Heinz and Cliff is that it runs two-up while punching as well as inserting a zipper in line. Additionally, all sealing stations are servo driven which significantly increases the speed at which the machine can run. In the case of a flat pouch speeds reach 180 beats/min.

Another big feature is that it punches to register on the unwind, enabling bags to be made from one web. It’s also punches to register on the bottom seal of a quad bag to ensure no loose flaps remain.
The machine has three unwind stations – all of which are shaftless.

‘We had exhausted the versatility of our other equipment,’ explains Cliff Augustyn. ‘By combining the equivalent of three machines into one this new machine will provide a highly flexible platform and allow us to be much more competitive and productive.’
‘There are endless possibilities for stand-up pouches and we’re determined to keep innovating and meeting customer demands,’ Heinz concludes.

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