Fantastic foiling effects

Yet again PPM’s cover features leading-edge printing and finishing technologies – as befits the industry’s leading printing and packaging magazine! And, once again, it has involved painstaking co-operation between a number of players.

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Gravure: unmatched and irreplaceable

It’s a rare pleasure to make two visits to Daetwyler headquarters in Switzerland in the space of eight months! On the weather front, there was a huge contrast between February’s cold and snowy environment and September’s late summer sun. Equally the visits had different purposes. In February, I was there at the invitation of Daetwyler Swisstec to learn about the latest developments in doctor blades (PPM April 2015), while this second visit was at the behest of Daetwyler Graphics, the world’s leading producer of gravure cylinder-making equipment. But different weather and objectives aside, on both occasions the welcome was hearty and the hospitality warm!

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Labelexpo’s record edition

Held every two years, Labelexpo Europe is the world’s largest event for the label and package printing industry. Dominated by new product launches, the show again saw the unveiling of any number of major developments.

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PET packaging matches emerging mega trends

Research by The Canadean Group – analysing the alignment of packaging innovation with consumer trends – has identified some mega trends impacting packaging choice, including a demand for better value for money, busy lives enhancing the need for convenience packaging, changing age structures, and urbanisation.

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