Boxing clever

BusinessPrint has invested in a SBL high-speed automatic die-cutting machine and folder-gluer to expand into folding carton packaging production

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Unveiling a ‘new look’ Cibapac

There’s a whole new look and feel to Cibapac, not only with a change at the helm, but also an altered structure resulting in a more focused and streamlined business. Additionally, a renewed alliance has been forged with previous parent company, Linpac.

Lloyd White is the new man heading the management team. He’s been with the company since 2007, and, as a past financial director and chief operating officer, brings considerable financial and management expertise to the operation. He has been associated with the food and packaging business for the past 27 years and is now busy transforming Cibapac into a fresh and exciting entity.

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Pelletising waste from shrink, stretch film manufacture

Defects in shrink and stretch films leading to optical impairments of products can also minimise mechanical characteristics or even cause the film to fail. Such defects, often caused by impurities in the polymer, negatively influence film manufacturing processes. And today’s moves to reduce film thickness place even higher demands on the purity of polymer.

Besides defects found in virgin material, there are a number of impurities, which – depending on size, form and frequency – negatively affect the manufacturing process and film quality. Generally speaking, the more often the resin or film is manipulated within the chain of material supply to recycling, the higher the impurities are likely to be.

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Maverick’s a giant

It’s generally accepted that liquid packaging is a growth area worldwide; and South Africa certainly reflects that growth, with considerable activity in the field of manufacturing bag- and pouch-making and filling machinery.

Particularly active among such constructors is Cape Town’s Maverick Engineering, where the team, led by founder Derek Fay, has long-standing experience in designing and selling bag- and pouch-making machinery, with customers as far afield as California in the west and China in the east, and all points in between.

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Taking labels to the next level

During the last 30 years, several label manufacturers have achieved longevity by supplying labels that are competitively-priced yet consistent with consumer demand for quality and innovation. A case in point is Spec Systems.

Established in 1992, by Colin Roux, and originally known as Spec Barcoding & Labels, the business has undergone several transformations over the years – including a name and ownership change, a buy-back, a merger, a new location, and machinery upgrades. Originally focused on selling blank labels, barcode labels and transfer ribbons, this resilient, independent enterprise now includes barcode scanners, label printers, consumables, card printers and, most recently, full-colour digitally-printed labels among its products and services.

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