GHS – what’s it all about?

RPMASA’s Liz Anderson provides an overview of GHS and what it means to the printing and packaging sectors.

The Globally Harmonised System of Classification & Labelling (GHS) is a globally agreed system of classification and labelling of chemicals and chemical products to communicate hazard information to inform and protect people, and to protect the environment.


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Positive reception for EB and EF flexo presses

THE MPS open house held in mid-May at company headquarters in The Netherlands has been hailed as a remarkable success. Live demonstrations of the new EB flexo and EF multi-substrate presses showed how the two presses can benefit label print production processes, and both received positive reactions from visitors.

During the three-day event, MPS hosted over 120 existing and potential customers, partners, suppliers and media representatives from Europe, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Turkey and Zimbabwe.

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Times Media buys Ferroprint

Following an extended period of analysis and discussion, Ferroprint has been acquired by Times Media and is being integrated into its Labels & Packaging division. PPM asks Leal Wright (general manager), Devin Galtrey (national business development manager) and Reuben Glenny (national sales manager) to expand on the implications of this momentous news.

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Combination – the future of packaging print!

Different technologies bring distinctive specialisms to the printing process, each difficult to ignore in a competitive market. Gravure offers special effects; digital allows variable data printing; while flexography and offset lead the way in printing text and full-colour images. As each process has its strengths and weaknesses, combining the best of each can achieve exceptional results for optimum on-shelf appeal.

According to David Muncaster, director of business development for packaging at Goss International, combination printing is the future of packaging print!

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ThermoFlexX takes on the big boys

Billed as a ‘revelation’ press conference – hosted at the Belgian headquarters of Xeikon Prepress – a dozen or so journalists, chosen from key global markets, learnt how the ThermoFlexX CtP system is moving into the big time. Gill Loubser tells the tale.

The name ThermoFlexX first burst upon the scene at drupa 2012. Earlier that year, Xeikon had purchased FlexoLaser, a manufacturer of computer-to-plate (CtP) devices for flexographic and letterpress printing, and had also acquired the rights to Kodak’s redundant Thermoflex trademark.

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